• Pig Baba

    Pig Baba
    Pig Baba
    By Hervé Chardonneau
    Restaurant Le Berlot 
    37270 Montlouis-sur-Loire

    For 4 people
    4 babas (basic recipe ½ cup of t55 flour, 1 ½ tbsp of butter, 1 tsp of baker's yeast, ½ tsp of honey, a pinch of fine salt and 1 large egg)
    Full-bodied pork broth
    ¼ lb of quality smoked bacon
    2 ¼ cups of heavy cream minimum 30% fat
    4 thin slices of smoked bacon.
    Banyuls vinegar pearls
    Red onion pickles with Banyuls vinegar
      Make the babas
      . Mix the flour, soft butter, salt, honey and baking powder. Knead with the hook. Add the egg. Knead again until it is smooth and comes off the bowl (about 10/15 minutes at low speed). Mold the dough in babas greased molds (30g per mold), let the dough rise at room temperature until the dough reaches the top of the mold. Bake at 360F for 30 minutes. Unmold and set aside in a dry place.
      . Cut the ¼ lb of smoked bacon into small cubes, throw them into the heavy cream and bring it to the boil.
      Clear away, film and reserve for a minimum of 6 hours.
      Filter, whisk or place in a siphon.
      . Make bacon chips between 2 baking sheets for 10 minutes at 300F.
      . Heat the broth, soak the babas until no longer thirsty, remove them delicately.
      . Arrange in a deep plate with bacon whipped cream, bacon chips, pearls of vinegar and red onion pickles. A little turn of the pepper mill.
      . It's all in the broth, it's up to you ...